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Car Finance

Car Finance

Low interest car loans and fast approvals on car finance. DKL Financial Solutions has expert Car Loan brokers that will organise cheap Car Finance for you. Making sure you are provided with the the best Car Loan rates available.

Whether it is you first car loan or you have a fleet of vehicles, we will tailor a finance package that meets your requirements and expectations.

Car Finance
Cheap Car Finance

Cheap Car Finance with DKL Financial Solutions. Commercial or personal Car loans we will find you the cheapest car finance rate in the market. with a wide range of flexable car loan options you can feel confident that we will find you the cheapest car finance available.

Car Finance Australia Wide

Car Loans Accross Australia, we can organise car finance right across Australia. DKL Financial Solutions will have you driving you new car sooner.

Car Loans Interest Rates

Car Finance interest Rates can vary depending on many different factors. Some aspects of a car Loan application that can affect the interest rates on car finance.

* The applicants credit history and credit score

* The age of the car, the amount and term of the loan

* The applicants payment conduct on previous loans

You need a specialist car finance broker to assist you to find the most suitable and cheapest car finance for you. Complete the car loans quick quote and one of the car finance specialist from DKL Financial Solutions will be in contact.

The Lenders DKL Financial Solutions use are flexible in their lending policies. To provide the cheapest car loan rates there are many aspects a lender will consider before approving an application.

* Whether the loan is Not Unsuitable for you (consumer car loans)* Personal Or Business Use

* The age, amount and term of the loan* Your credit history and credit score

* Capacity to repay the loan* Net asset position

Personal Use Car Loans

Secured personal use car loans are specifically designed for consumer use (less than 50% business use). A financier will lend money for the purchase of a vehicle and take security over that vehicle. The car can be new or used (different lenders will have maximum vehicle age) purchase through a dealer or privately. Secured car loans are a flexible way to buy a vehicle without draining your cash reserves.

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage is the most popular way of financing a vehicle for business use (more than 50% business use). Invoicing for the purchase will be made out to the entity buying the goods and the lender will take a mortgage over the goods. Once the principal amount (less any original deposit), the residual / balloon payment (if any), interest charges are paid in full the lender will release the mortgage over the vehicle. The popularity for using a Chattel Mortgage Car Loan is due to the GST benefits and flexible terms.

Commercial Hire Purchase

Commercial Hire purchase (CHP) was once a popular way to finance a car for commercial purposes (more that 50% business use). The only difference between a chattel mortgage an CHP is the way the GST is claimed. Under a CHP arrangement a lender agrees to purchase the vehicle on behalf of the customer and hire it back to them over a set term. At the end of the term once the total vehicle purchase price less any original deposits, the residual / balloon payment (if any), interest charges are paid in full the customer will take ownership of the vehicle.

Car Lease

A Car Lease is a commercial loan product (more that 50% business use) which enables a customer to have the benefits of car ownership without it effecting the business balance sheet. With a commercial car lease the lender purchases the vehicle on behalf of the customer and charges the customer a fixed lease (rental) payment for the term of the lease. At the end of the lease the customer can pay the redidual / balloon amount and take ownership of the vehicle, trade the vehilce in / sell it and payout the lease or refinance the residual / balloon amount and continue the lease.

If you have any questions please complete the Contact us form and one of the team will be in contact to answer your questions.